Costa Rica beat out 150 other countries to officially become the planets happiest country, again. The Happy Planet Index is an index that studies in detail many factors related to the human well-being and environmental impact of nations and then applies a ranking. Since the annual indexes inception in 2006 Costa Rica has maintained a top three position climbing to number one in 2009 where it has been ever since. We couldn't agree more! 

Here's a look at some of this years results....

Happiest Countries on Earth

1) Costa Rica
2) Vietnam
3) Colombia

Un-Happiest Countries on Earth

1) Botswana
2) Chad
3) Qatar

Some of the other countries happiness rankings

USA - 105th
Canada - 65th 
United Kingdom - 41st
Spain - 62nd
China - 60th
India - 32nd 

Visit the Happy Planet Index here....


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