A common misconception is that COSTA RICA is some far flung destination that is many hours of air travel away from major North American cities. The truth is that COSTA RICA is in the Northern Hemisphere and can be reached from most US and many Canadian cities by only a 3-6 hour flight. In fact the entire eastern seaboard of the US is no more than a 5 hour flight away. Here is a list of flight times to San Jose Costa Rica's modern Juan Santamaria International Airport from some of North Americas largest cities:

Chicago - 4hr 30min
Toronto - 4hr 50min
Las Vegas - 5hr 30min
New York - 4hr 30min
Dallas - 3hr 40min
Philadelphia - 4hr 30min
Miami - 2hr 30min
Boston - 4hr 45 min
Vancouver - 7hr 5 min
Los Angeles - 5hr 40min
Minneapolis - 5hr 10min
Denver - 5hr 00min
Montreal - 5hr 15min
Calgary - 6hr 50min
Atlanta - 3hr 20min


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