Costa Rica is a rugged and largely mountainous land and aside from the highways most of the local side roads outside of the urban areas are not paved. Not to worry, the roads are generally safe and well maintained but many of the roads are not easily traveled by standard cars. In the area around SELVA HOLIDAYS alone we have several roads that pass through streams and small rivers on their way to climbing upwards of 1600 feet above sea level in a matter of a few kilometres. This makes for a great sense of adventure when visiting SELVA HOLIDAYS rental properties as well as most of the hillside homes and communities in our area. Therefore we strongly recommend renting a 4x4 for your vacation. Book ahead with your favorite vehicle rental company. They will even shuttle you the short distance to their lot and all the major companies like Budget, National and Thrifty have desks at the regional and international Costa Rica airports. And don't sweat it if you bring your 4x4 back covered in dust and mud. They expect it. Its all part of the Costa Rican adventure. 


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